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Exhibits will be received by the stewards at the pavilion Thursday of Show Week (4.00pm - 7.00pm) or Friday of Show Week (8.00am to 10.00am).

Entry Fee: $1

Chief Stewardess: Mrs Carol Hancock (02) 4842 2216

Stewardess: Mrs Mary Mathias

CONDITIONS: A. All exhibits must be the work of the exhibitor and must never have competed at any previous Show of this Society.

B. Work to be done in preceding 12 months.

C. Soiled, washed, cleaned or worn work will be disqualified.

D. Baby sets to be pinned together with safety pins.

CLASSES 3500 - 3503 RESTRICTED TO PURE WOOL ONLY. (Include labels)

CLASSES 3504 -3507 RESTRICTED TO ALPACA WOOL ONLY (minimum 78% alpaca, include labels)


Section I: Dairy Produce, Vegetables & Fruit

Section J: Preserves, Pickles & Sauces

Section K: Cakes, Foods & Food Decorating

Section L: Youth Cookery

Section M: Bread & Baking

Section N: Flowers

Section O: Potted Plants

Section P: Floral Art & Decorative

Section R: Needlework & Fancy Work

Section S: Quilting

Section T: Arts, Handcrafts, Woodworking

Section U: Schoolwork

Section V: Photography

Section W: Dolls & Bears

Section X: Homemade Beer & Wines


3500 Adults Knitted Pure Wool Jumper or Cardigan (Heavier than 4 ply)

3501 Boys or Girls Pure Wool Knitted Garment

3502 Baby's Pure Wool Knitted Outfit. Prize - First $12.00, Second $8.00 Donated by Braidwood CWA

3503 Crocheted Pure Wool Bed Jacket

3504 Adults Knitted Alpaca Wool Jumper or Cardigan

3505 Knitted Alpaca - Hat, Mittens or Socks

3506 Boys or Girls Alpaca Wool Knitted Garment

3507 Baby's Alpaca Wool Knitted Outfit


3509 Baby's Bootees

3510 Baby's Knitted Jacket

3511 Baby's Knitted Dress

3512 Baby's Knitted Bonnet and Bootees

3513 Baby's Knitted Jacket Bonnet and Bootees

3514 Baby's Knitted Set, Frock, Bonnet and Bootees

3515 Adult's Knitted Jumper or Cardigan, Long Sleeves

3516 Adult's Knitted Jumper or Cardigan, Short Sleeves

3517 Adult Knitted Garment with Embroidery

3518 Child's Knitted Jumper or Cardigan

3519 Child's Knitted Garment with Embroidery

3520 Knitted Sleeveless Pullover

3521 Knitted Jumper 8 ply or heavier

3522 Pair Men's Knitted Socks

3523 Pair Ladies' Knitted Socks

3524 Pair Child's Knitted Socks

3525 CHAMPION PAIR OF KNITTED SOCKS. Prize $20.00 Donated by a Friend of the Braidwood Show Society

3526 Knitted Tea Cosy

3527 Knitted Beanie

3528 Baby's Crocheted Dress

3529 Crocheted or Knitted Rug (114cm x 114cm)

3530 Baby's Crocheted Jacket

3531 Lady's Crocheted Jumper or Jacket

3532 Crocheted Bedspread, Single or Double

3533 Crocheted Tea Cosy

3534 Crocheted Beanie

3536 Girl's Crocheted Jumper or Cardigan

3537 Crocheted Bed Jacket or Shawl

3538 Crocheted Jacket Bonnet and Bootees

3539 Adult Crocheted Garment with Embroidery

3540 Child's Crocheted Garment with Embroidery

3541 Any Article - Knitted or Crocheted by a Person 80 yrs and over


3542 Adult Long Sleeved Jumper, Neck optional

3543 Adult Cardigan

3544 Baby's Jacket or Cardigan

3545 Sleeveless Pullover

3546 Child's Fair Isle Jumper

3547 Child's Long Sleeved Jumper or Cardigan

3548 Short Sleeved Jumper

YOUTH CLASSES 15 Years and Under. No Entry Fee.

3549 Knitted Doll's Outfit

3550 Knitted Article

3551 Crocheted Article

3552 Crocheted Rug

3553 Article from Hand-spun Wool

3554 Garment from Hand-spun Wool

3555 Article not mentioned

3556 CHAMPION KNITTING AND CROCHET EXHIBIT. For all section Q, Prize $30.00 Donated by Braidwood CWA


Note: Refer to Class 3717 Section S for Grand Champion


1. For the purpose of this competition the following definitions apply:

a) Garment: an item that can be worn e.g. dress, jacket, scarf, hat
b) Article: a utility item that is not worn but can be used in the home e.g. blanket; with an outfit eg. bag; for amusement eg. toy; as a decoration eg. picture etc.

2. The whole article and/or garment must be constructed of, and contain a minimum of, 80% wool.

3. Exhibits (articles/garments) may be knitted, crocheted, sewn, felted etc and must be hand crafted (use of sewing machine is permitted).

4. A sample of the yarn, fabric or fibre with label must be attached to each item making up the exhibit. If a label is not available as a handspun/felted a handwritten label with relevant details and sample will suffice.

5. An exhibit in this competition may consist of the work of one individual or a group of individuals, or an organization.

6. All three article/garments must have been completed within the 12 months prior to the local show and made by the exhibitor/s.

7. An exhibit having won at a Group Final (the same three article/garments) is then eligible to compete in the State Final.

8. An exhibitor is only eligible to represent one Group at State level.

9. An exhibit (article/garment) that has previously competed at Group level is not eligible to compete again.

10. It is the responsibility of the Group Secretary and winner to co-ordinate the transfer of the winning entry to Sydney for the State judging.

Last updated 9/1/17